Daily Bread USB 1.4 Package

dB USB 1.4 Package

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Over 210 original beats, remixes, demos, and bumps retro-actively released in a unique USB package. The latest edition features a sturdy music card design with graphics on both sides, three stickers, a unique gatefold cardboard case, and an large ATLANTA postcard. The package was designed by Rhett and features photography from Phillip Washington, TVPES, and Toneconnect.

All preloaded media has been chronicled by year of creation dating back to 2008 and 12 additional tracks have been added to a new folder titled 

Drive Specs:

  • unique USB card preloaded with over 350 unique items chronicled by year
  • new 2019 folder features 12 additional songs 
  • three retroactively released tracks added that recently surfaced:
    • one track added to the 2014 folder
    • one track added to the 2017 folder
    • one additional remix added to the 2015 folder
  • updated tour photos & videos folders
  • comes with case
  • durable design
  • 8GB capacity
  • Ltd. 285 qty.
  • USB 2.0

Postcard Specs

  • 8.5" x 5.5" jumbo double sided post card on rigid hi-gloss cardstock
  • features 35mm OG photography of Atlanta by Phillip Washington

Sticker Specs 

  • two 7" x 0.75"  retro logo strip stickers - one Black one Purple 
  • one 2" diameter dB logo sticker 

Gatefold Cover Specs

  • features 13 original photos and textures by Phillip Washington, TVPES, Toneconnect, and Rhett.
  • Displayable and protective gatefold design.